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    Shenzhen Luhai Electronics Co., Ltd, is the development and production of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in the automatic control technology R & D and product design and production. 3,000 square meters of factory buildings, output up to 6,000 units, the annual output reaching 150 million sets.
    The company has strong technical strength and extensive product development and production capacity, the main products including air conditioning controller, remote control, washing machine controllers, intelligent home appliances such as microwave oven controller controller.
    Companies focus on a number of high quality, experienced product design and technical management personnel, a total of more than 20 people, in order to ensure product quality, from product development to production, strict management of the company, the workers have to undergo a rigorous pre-service training. In order to improve product quality and expand production scale, the company invested a lot of money each year to purchase advanced equipment and facilities. The company has a comprehensive used in the production, testing and test equipment.
    Company's services philosophy, culture:
    Quality first, customer first is our policy to provide customers with products and quality service is our goal, I hope we can cooperate in good faith for a better future.
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